Tuesday, 22 December 2009

[282] Paper Science

Now this is a perfect little small press-themed stocking filler, if I ever saw one!

Paper Science is a tasty, twelve-page morsel from the dream merchants at We Are Words + Pictures. Working in collaboration with The Newspaper Club, editor Matthew Sheret et al have put together a nice periodical-shaped sampler, showing off - in their words - 'some of the wonderful things our friends are doing'. This includes photography and prose, creative writing and comics from the likes of Julia Scheele, Katie West, Lizz Lunney and Adam Cadwell (whose contribution is a lovely, tight one-pager called 'Spilt Soda').

And there's more: stories and mini-essays, and an extract from Dan Hancox and Tom Humberstone's My Fellow Americans project. There's also an interview with the irreplaceable Marc Ellerby, and a full page dedicated to Matt Jones' 'Get Excited and Make Things' poster. Fitting, really, as Paper Science drips with infectious enthusiasm and excitement.

It's only a pound, and is creativity in its purest form. A perfect companion to the Solipsistic Pop anthology (which I gushed about here) - luckily, it is being bundled with online orders of that slice of joy. Otherwise, it can be purchased at OK Comics Leeds, Orbital Comics London, Page 45 Nottingham, or from We Are Words + Pictures market stalls in the future.

For more info, click here.

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