Saturday, 9 January 2010

[287] The Road (2009) Review

The grumpy chain continues with my review of The Road. While I'm actually quite proud of how this turned out, I'm a bit embarrassed about how pompous it all is. I promise there will be more cheer and enthusiasm soon (fingers crossed).

Those expecting 2010 to herald a new era of cinema will have to be sorely disappointed on one front, as The Road, a film adaptation of the critically-acclaimed novel by No Country For Old Men writer Cormac McCarthy, hits the screens.

A tale of humanity's survival in the aftermath of a devastating, unexplained apocalypse, The Road stars Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee as a father and son who must journey southwards, through the debris of a dead civilisation, in time for the coming winter. Man and boy together must contend with cannibals, the elements, and malnutrition as they pursue their goal in this dusty, decrepit world.

From the start, director John Hillcoat has a lot to contend with. While he is one of the best possible choices to helm such a film, having attracted plenty of attention with his Australian Western The Proposition in 2005, The Road is - more than most novels adapted for screen - defined by its textual style.

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