Monday, 11 January 2010

[288] Visiting the Movieum

A tiny bit more grumbling from me, but it's buried among a lot of cinephilic glee, as I went to visit the Movieum (now reportedly rebranded as the London Film Museum).

The Movieum has the potential to be the geekiest of all London's tourist spots. Tucked away on the South Bank, in between Westminster and Waterloo Bridges, this 'movie museum' is housed in County Hall, the old, vast civic building that has been given over to private interests. This is prime tourist-centric real estate, right next to the London Eye and the Sea Life Aquarium. However, due, no doubt, to high rents and competitive price-gouging, tickets for entrance are £17 for adults (£12 online) and £8 for children. It's worth noting this, as it is precisely the reason why I hadn't ventured out to the Movieum earlier, until being invited to a press day in anticipation of their latest major exhibition, Charlie Chaplin: The Great Londoner.

Bearing the mark of the building's civic roots, the Movieum mostly consists of long, narrow corridors and small side rooms, both of which are overstuffed with text, video screens and memorabilia for visitors to pore over.

As you enter, you are bombarded with texts and images from the London On Film mini-exhibition, which details the role of the city in the film industry, from the stars who grew up locally, to the studios that flourished within the Greater London area. Once you stride into the museum proper, you hit an atrium filled with a number of dioramas, including a display of the Terry English-designed armour from Excalibur And, what's that in the corner? Nothing but the Rank Organisation gong!

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