Thursday, 28 January 2010

[295] Monumental Text, Get Ambitious in 2010

I'm currently making strides in what I'm calling the 'Get Ambitious in 2010' initiative. In lieu of actually creating New Year's resolutions for myself, I'm going along, and just trying to improve my state both in terms of my work and my creativity. So far it is looking good, if taking time to properly gather momentum.

Last week's Bookleteer Workshop (the report from which is now posted over at the We Are Words + Pictures blog) was a good start, and I have also created a Writing Portfolio for this blog, which is now in the sidebar - or, you can just click here.

The next stage is emailing, pitching, pestering. For the time being, however, I have started a new project over on Tumblr called Monumental Text, which is an images-and-text exercise that I hope will keep me mentally and creatively nimble. I'll let it speak for itself below.

This is a project about commemoration.

In previous eras, notable personages were honoured with grand portraits or statues. Some still are today. But it is far more common in the modern, economical climate to make do with signs and plaques. Slabs of minimal text that somehow signify a whole life. Ambition and success are contained in simple words.

London is replete with such monumental text. This site will contain pictures and writing - part history, part autobiography - that will set these memorials in context, both in terms of the lives they venerate, and the everyday lives they touch as objects on the local landscape.

Please check out Monumental Text here. There will no doubt be growing pains, but I will be updating it regularly.

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