Sunday, 31 January 2010

[296] Edge of Darkness (2010) Review

A tiny bit more grumbling from me here, about Mel Gibson's return to the acting side of filmmaking, in Martin Campbell's remake of Edge of Darkness.

In this climate of reboots and remakes of still-warm film franchises, it's interesting to behold Edge Of Darkness, a television-to-screen adaptation of a series that aired before I was even born (and I'm no spring chicken!). Now, that's some restraint. As a project, it's certainly intriguing - the first starring vehicle for Mel Gibson since 2002 that happens to be a gut-punch thriller from Martin Campbell, the solid director who brought us one of the best post-Connery James Bond films (Goldeneye, of course).

Gibson leads as Thomas Craven, a middle-aged Boston detective who is immediately thrust into both grief and intrigue as his daughter, Emma (Bojana Novakovic), is gunned down on his doorstep. Despite early theories that this was a botched killing linked with Craven's work on the homicide squad, all is not as it seems, but the bereaved father is on the case, chasing leads and cracking skulls to discover the mystery behind the Northsmoor nuclear research facility, where his daughter worked.

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