Wednesday, 24 February 2010

[306] The Unloved (2009) Review

Here we go. This review of Samantha Morton's The Unloved is my 100th contribution to Den of Geek. I'd like to think I've progressed a lot over those tens of thousands of words of content, and I'm in some way more 'on the ladder' than just over a year ago. I've certainly had some ace opportunities, and I'm grateful to the DoG editorial team for all of their support. Plenty more pieces for them coming up in the future, though.

Originally aired on Channel 4 back in May 2009, Samantha Morton's directorial debut, The Unloved, is now being granted a limited release on the theatrical circuit. A pseudo-autobiographical drama about the experience of young people who live in the children's homes, the film is complex and artful, but becomes a little too dreary and uneven in the final count.

Although the title takes into its embrace the whole population of those in the care system (it was broadcast in a series called Britain's Forgotten Children),
The Unloved's scope is mostly narrowed down to the story of Lucy (Molly Windsor), an eleven-year-old girl who is taken away from her abusive father (Robert Carlyle) and put into a children's home.

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