Tuesday, 2 March 2010

[309] Film & Festivals, Issue 20

The new issue of Film & Festivals Magazine is now available to read over at their site. This edition, their 20th, is focused on documentary filmmaking, especially those films that take a critical, incisive look at contemporary society (or, as they put it, 'films and filmmakers out to subvert the commonly perceived view of the world').

Key articles this month include interviews with directors such as Chris Atkins (Taking Liberties), and Eric Schlosser and Robert Kenner (Food Inc.), as well as an insightful 'From the Trenches' column on House of Numbers by filmmaker Brent Leung and a rousing feature from Kerry McLeod titled 'The Fire in Our Belly: How Documentaries Inspire Us To Change the World'.

I've been thinking a lot about documentaries at the moment, especially with regards to my ongoing MA work. The documentary film is a surprisingly under-valued side of film art, especially in mainstream circles, so I'm glad to see F&F doing their bit.

It has been a good few months since I last contributed to the magazine, but for this issue I wrote a short review of the Oscar-nominated documentary Burma VJ, a film that I have talked about before, but one that - I believe - needs all the attention it can get.

You can read Film and Festivals on their site, order a print on demand copy from MagCloud, or download a PDF.

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