Friday, 12 March 2010

[315] Shutter Island Press Conference Report

I think that Shutter Island is an extraordinary film. Playful and assured. However, the press conference held in anticipation of its release last month was, mostly, a bore. Especially when the guests - Scorsese, DiCaprio, Sir Ben Kingsley - were asked about the film. These are intelligent, eloquent men, but asking about on-set relationships and the trials of performing emotionally-charged roles does not allow much scope for erudite commentary.

Thankfully, Scorsese in particular is a man who will talk about whatever he damn well pleases. That would suggest that it is an active decision, but maybe it is not. His love of cinema and encyclopaedic appetite for film is evident at all times, gushing out and overwhelming his train of thought. It is those moments - when he speaks of the many pictures that influenced his vision for Shutter Island, and when he answers a banal question about director-actor relationships (citing the example of Hitchcock-Stewart) with a freeform chat about Vertigo - that make this a press conference of note.

Shutter Island, the latest film from Martin Scorsese, is released today. Last month, the director sat down with cast members Leonardo DiCaprio and Sir Ben Kingsley at a press conference in London to chat about this dark, psychological thriller.

Ever the film buff, however, Scorsese was just as keen to gush about his myriad influences, the awe-inspiring career of Max von Sydow, and Alfred Hitchcock's
Vertigo, in the process delivering a mini-lecture on what is one of his favourite films.

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