Thursday, 1 April 2010

[323] The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2010 / Podcast #1

Last weekend I went down to Queen Mary's University for the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing.

It was a drizzly day, but the morning was fresh, so I walked down from Aldgate, via Whitechapel market, where I purchased some halal pick 'n mix, and prepared myself for a day of sugar and sequential art ripped straight from the digital pages of the internet.

That was until I had paid the entry fee (£4), and made a purchase for the Finnish Girl (£4.50), and realised that I had scant pennies left over. Nevertheless, here is my haul.

- An Ellerbisms Tote Bag, from Marc Ellerby (about to be sent Nordwards).
- Tozo - The Public Servant, issue three, from David O'Connell (complete with an awesome tactile section with paper money).
- Curia Regis, by Robin Hoelzemann.
- A great little Darken side-story, playing on the Genie-in-a-Bottle form, by Kate Ashwin.
- An adorable My Cardboard Life postcard from Philippa J. Rice.
- Another ace postcard from Adam Cadwell's series of Childhood Villains, this one of Moominpapa.

Slim pickings, I know. Although that is not a comment on the wonders on offer. I was particularly taken this time by the wildly imaginative artwork of John Miers (especially his Tower of Babel project). It was also a kick to see Ellen Lindner, Howard Hardiman, Phillip Spence, Alasdair Maceachern and Joe List (whose The Annotated Weekender, a series of doodles on the Saturday Guardian's glossy magazine supplement, is lovely indeed). If I'd had the money, I would have definitely bought the new book from Melody Lee, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's children's story The Happy Prince, with her hyper-detailed, adorable animals (check out some pages here).

This year there were less international exhibitors, it seems, apart from a keen German delegation from Zwerchfell books. But, wow, it was still overwhelming. One of the little quirks of the year involved most creators having stickers to give out to punters, to fill in their Thing Passport. I had a new notebook to christen, so that did the job perfectly.

Now, on to major business. I decided to take along the battered AKG vocal microphone that a good friend has loaned me, and took some quickie interviews in order to cobble together...

...A prototype Wild Tyme podcast!

I am hoping to branch out into more audio work in the future, and thought that this was a good opportunity to test out my sound recording set up, do some editing, and get something out there for people to listen to.

LISTEN HERE (right click to save as)

This is very rough, but it is a report from the Thing nonetheless. I interviewed:

- David Wynne, enthusing about his new comic project Particle Fiction, and its approach to the webcomic form.
- Steven and Chris Denton, chatting about their series Massacre for Boys, which is a jolly good riff on boys' adventure comics, with added zombies. [Despite my emphatic confidence, I got muddled at this point. Chris speaks first, and Steven finishes up.]
- David O' Connell, of Tozo fame, talking about prints and postcards, the BirdSong/SongBird anthology (which is worth a look) and working with Sarah McIntyre on children's books.
- Adam Cadwell, musing about the Thing, and letting slip his plans for a comic on Slacker Vampires.
- Marc Ellerby, intellectualising on merchandise and comic cliques, and declaring Solipsistic Pop the future of UK comics anthologies (and it really is, judging by the previews for the next volume. Wow. Read my piece on the first volume here.).

As I say, it is all very unrefined, with levels all over the place and no music, but it's a learning experience, and I think I might try to do these for future comics events.

Thanks to the above creators for chatting with me. Please feel free to retweet or pass the link on, and leave comments below with observations, advice, and trash talk.


Marc Ellerby said...

Mike, I thought this was a really good firs attempt at Podcasts. Ace questions, nicely put together and hey, you can hear the audio properly! Other podcasters, take note.

If you did this as a weekly feature I'd be happy to listen to it. Hey, we need more UK comic podcasts

joe list said...

Ah, thanks for the kind words mister! I agree with Mr Ellerby, good clear sounds and sensible questions.

Explosium said...

A really good podcast! I wasn't able to get to the Thing this year, but this little podcast has captured the atmosphere really nicely.

Sarah said...

Hey, this is very well done! Much better than many of the podcasts I've heard - very focused, good questions, interesting people. (And thanks for the mention!) :)

clergyman said...

Great work, Mike. Sounds like you've been doing it for years!

Thanks very much for featuring MfB :)

Mike Leader said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. I'm glad you liked it! :)