Saturday, 10 April 2010

[328] Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Interview

Two game preview articles in one week?! Here's a piece about the new Spider-Man game, which has quite an interesting twist in its tail.

In the wake of last year's Arkham Asylum, it must be tough to be given the task to develop a new comic book-influenced videogame, but Activision and Beenox have a few surprises up their sleeve with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Such as doing away with a lot of the trappings that have been repeated over the recent cycle of games featuring ol' web-head, including open-world segments and an explorable New York City, in favour of something more linear and story-driven.

Shattered Dimensions' most striking aspect, however, comes from its central flourish. The story takes place across four separate dimensions, each corresponding to a particular spin on the Spider-Man character. Only two have been announced so far, and they are the Amazing and Noir universes, with the former being the familiar world of the hero's main ongoing series, and the latter being the dark, Depression-era re-imagining from 2009's limited series.

Each universe has a distinct look and approach, with the Amazing missions bathed in primary colour washes, and featuring a focus on various web-slinging attacks.

At the recent London preview event, a mission was shown from an early, rough build of the game, in which Spidey was taken out of New York, and sent to a wild jungle in order to battle Kraven the Hunter. The Noir level, however, was based around a shady, gritty palette of light and shadow. This time around, stealth was key, as Spider-Man swung from ground to perch, out of sight, in order to perform take-downs on goons in an industrial estate operated by mafia boss, Hammerhead.

It is certainly an intriguing set-up, although this is more of a tease than anything to justify significant anticipation. The two unannounced universes will prove key to this, as with 'stealth' and 'fast paced action' gameplay modes out of the way, it's a little tough to think of other Spidey incarnations that could offer such distinct playing styles. (Any true believers out there got a hunch? We're thinking maybe
Spider-Man 2099. Grant us your wisdom in the comments!)

More information will trickle out as we edge nearer to the game's September release date, but for the time being, I had the chance to pick the brains of the game's executive producer, Meghan Morgan, and producer, Kevin Umbricht, asking them to fill us in on
Shattered Dimensions' plot (that reportedly has contributions from Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott), as well as explain their approach to the character.

Read the full article here.

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