Wednesday, 19 May 2010

[337] Type the words, check the facts...

Still working away at Sight & Sound. Moved from filing to some heavy duty work for the next issue, such as transcribing articles, fact checking and sourcing images. It has been odd not writing as much, but I've had plenty of stuff to do. I have also written some sample work for the editors - which will find a home later on, I hope.

All this is separate from my research into the magazine's approach to new media, and its online profile - the culmination of which is a 5,000 word report. My notebook is filling up. Exciting.

(Kurosawa, highlighter pens and the BFI information database. I'm obviously doing something right...)

I am hoping to do a few capsule-sized blog posts in the coming days, in order to keep some sort of a momentum going. There have been lovely things happening this month, and there is much more to come. Bear with me.

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