Sunday, 30 May 2010

[340] The Losers (2010) Review

The Losers is out now, so I should probably post a link to my review. I interviewed Idris Elba about the film late last year at the MCM Expo, so it was good to finally see it. I don't expect it to do well at the box office, but it's certainly not a bad movie to have on the cinematic landscape.

Wedged as it is next to both Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2, it seems that The Losers is destined to be this year's comic book also-ran, lacking in familiarity, controversy and attractive, bankable stars. That's a shame, because when this adaptation (from the Andy Diggle/Jock book) hits its stride, the film is a pithy, adrenaline-fuelled saviour for the action genre.

We meet The Losers, a gang of specialised army badasses, in the Bolivian rainforest. They play cards, and use absurdly huge sidearms instead of chips, raising the stakes with increasingly imposing penis metaphors, and exposing their glistening biceps with Predator-reminiscent macho glee. And there probably hasn't been such a rippling parade of broadly caricatured brawn in the 20-odd years since.

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