Monday, 7 June 2010

[342] 'What's your favourite piece of cosplay...?', MCM micro-cast

Cosplayers, we salute you.

I'm still due to write up my piece on last weekend's MCM Expo, but in the meantime, here is a tasty morsel that is far more interesting. Towards the end of Sunday, I prowled through the Comics Village, AKG mike in hand, asking all and sundry the question 'what was your favourite piece of cosplay of the Expo?'.

As bizarre, awe-inspiring, resourceful cosplay is one of the MCM's main draws, the responses were quite varied - sometimes tittersome, sometimes overcome with respect for those hardcore fans that brave dehydration to sport their mad costumes.

Since the Wild Tyme podcast is currently experiencing something of a sophomore slump, I have edited the snippets together, slapped on a soundtrack and decided to put it up for your listening pleasure. Call it a pseudo-cast!

LISTEN HERE (right click to save as)

A gracious thank you to the comic creators that participated. They are, in order of appearance:

And credit must go to both Triplefox ('Good Day', 'Credits') and Khades ('Tracker Dreams Part 1'), for use of their music in this podcast, under Creative Commons licences. The pseudo-cast itself is released under an attribution, non-commercial, no-derivative works licence. More info here.

Thanks for listening!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for putting that together, it's a great mix of people, and such fab subject matter! :D Really nicely done.