Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[343] Sight & Sound, July 2010

My stint at Sight & Sound magazine may now be over, but there is still a trace of my presence there, especially in the new issue, which is out now.

I have a credit! Actual proof of the bouts of fact-checking, image gathering, transcribing, and other bits of work that I did in the office over the last month-and-a-bit. In the issue there are also two image caption puns that I suggested - which is a dangerous sort of encouragement, if you ask me.

It was fun - and an honour - to work for them, and, even though I am now back to the uncertainty of freelance life, the experience should help me in the long run. And I have written a review for the next issue, which is damn exciting.

Next, to write a 5000 word report on Sight & Sound's online strategy.

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