Tuesday, 6 July 2010

[356] Mega Piranha (2010) Review, in Sight & Sound

I have a review in the latest issue of Sight & Sound magazine. This is a big deal, even if it is a piece on Mega Piranha, an awful TV film by The Asylum. S&S is one of the best film publications out there, and they have a heck of a reputation, so it is quite an honour to be present in their pages.

You can buy Sight & Sound magazine at most places that sell such things. Check it out, there's a great lead feature on 'Old, Weird Britain' (with a superb cover graphic by Becca Thorne), as well as one of the last interviews with Dennis Hopper, and a review of Toy Story 3 that comes dreadfully close to my own take on the film.

I'm also, once more, credited as a researcher. Fame and fortune must be 'round the corner, surely?

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Cory said...

That's fantastic Mike! Very well done, you should be really proud.

Cory :-)