Thursday, 22 July 2010

[361] Darla K. Anderson Interview

I saved all of my tough Toy Story 3 questions for Darla K. Anderson, the film's producer. Thankfully, she was quite open to my questions about Pixar's upcoming sequels, the goodwill granted them by the public and media alike, and even gave us a little insight into the company's approach to test screenings.

Ahead of the glitzy London premiere of the film last weekend, we had a chance to chat with Toy Story 3 producer Darla K. Anderson. A veteran of Pixar productions such as A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. and Cars, Anderson filled us in on the how Pixar approached the big hitting sequel, as well as the appeal of franchises, and the pressures inherent in toying with beloved characters.

Financially, the idea of a Toy Story sequel is a no-brainer, but was it an easy project to handle from a producer's point of view?

Both Lee and I felt a lot of pressure to make a good movie, because neither of us wanted to be attached to anything that wasn't of the highest standard in this
Toy Story line. So, yeah, we worked so, so hard to make a movie that would be worthy of standing alongside the two films.

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