Monday, 9 August 2010

[369] Down Terrace (2009) Review

It took me a while to twig, but Down Terrace is co-written and directed by Ben Wheatley, who is a friend of my some-time Internet associate Dom Sutton - and is also a regular commenter on Dom's stellar London Loves Comics blog. Small world.

The film is a corker, by the way. Do yourself a favour: go and see it.

It seems that every couple of months, we're presented with a new, independent, British film, a small-budgeted hopeful that puts a new spin on crime, drugs, and inner-city violence. Be it Harry Brown, Shifty or Shank, these films are getting made, and offer oddly occluded entertainment, halfway between ambition and blandness, edginess and political naivety.

At their best (Shifty), these films are starkly personal. At their worst (the end of Harry Brown, the whole of Shank), it comes off as committee-led Broken Britain bumbling.

And so, into the breach steps Down Terrace, another modestly budgeted crime flick from an up-and-coming filmmaker, namely director/co-writer/editor Ben Wheatley, who graduates from television work with this debut feature.

So far, so similar, but the big difference here is that we get a twisted, bold and fresh film that both impresses and delights. Taking cues from both kitchen sink and gangster genre tropes, Down Terrace focuses on a family living in a pleasant lower middle class house in Brighton.

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