Tuesday, 10 August 2010

[370] Bruce Feirstein Interview

I'm not convinced about either of the two upcoming James Bond games. A remake of GoldenEye sounds like pure nostalgia, and the original Blood Stone hasn't impressed me yet. But it was nevertheless a pleasure to chat with Bruce Feirstein - a man who has done pretty much everything with words I can think of - about writing for video games.

Even though it looks like there won't be a new James Bond film for some time, 007 fans can find some solace in the two upcoming videogames starring the superspy.

We have already spoken to Bizarre Creations' Neil Thompson, Art Director on Blood Stone (see link at the bottom), but we also had the chance to chat with Bruce Feirstein, an experienced writer who is no stranger to the series, having worked on the screenplays for GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough.

He's penned the script for both Blood Stone and the revamped GoldenEye, so we were dying to ask him how videogames fit into the Bond franchise, how writing a game is different to a film, and how the new GoldenEye has changed in the shift from Brosnan to Craig.

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