Wednesday, 11 August 2010

[371] We Are Words and Pictures Radio

On the sunny Sunday just gone, I took two buses up to North London, and perched at the end of the bar in Wilton's Cafe for just under an hour, speaking into a microphone. I was recording the second episode of the We Are Words + Pictures radio show for London Fields Radio, with kind assistance from producer Sarah Bates.

This is the first episode of my run on WAW+P radio. It is the first time I've been on the air since BurnFM - the Birmingham University radio station - was, fittingly, closed down due to being a fire hazard. Sadly, that had nothing to do with the white-hot jazz, avant-garde classical and experimental music we were playing on our 'Absolutely Free' show.

But I am very excited for this new radio project. It's a cute little station in a cute little cafe, and that dissipates a lot of the tension and pressure that I've experienced in stuffy studios or, worse, recording podcasts in the dead of night.

I'll be incorporating some of my podcast ideas into the show in the future - interviews, reports, maybe some panel discussions and running features. We don't have a regular schedule or anything, but we'll see how it goes.

For the meantime, I did this solo pilot show, talking about what We Are Words + Pictures have done as a collective in the last 4 months. I also make a plug about the upcoming WAW+P picnic, and witter on about a couple of comics and comic-related films that have been holding my interest recently (keywords: Gillen and Ellerby's contribution to CBGB #1, Matt Fraction and Ba/Moon's Casanova, Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim, Joann Sfar's Gainsbourg - vie heroique).

And I play some tunes. Some lovely, lovely tunes.

You can download the show here, you can also read about it and stream from either the We Are Words and Pictures site (with a kind blurb from M.Sheret), or the London Fields Radio site itself. There are also some show notes and related links on their news page.

I should probably say that, yes, I realise I stutter and throw in indistinct vocal fillers all the time (erm). And yes, I seem to credit John Barry with 'The James Bond Theme'. My thirteen year old self resents me for that mistake. I'll improve, I promise.

Any comments and feedback are totally welcome, and encouraged. Thanks for listening.

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