Wednesday, 25 August 2010

[378] Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) Review

I take a lot of notes when I see films. For Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I wrote that it was 'the dying gasps of a decadent, hopeless civilisation'. I was totally offended by how vapid, cheap, and patronising it was - and the depiction of gingers, foreigners, gap-toothers and non-normative children is horrendous. Thankfully I was a little less doom-and-gloom in the review.

Sadly, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid isn't a modest, Alan Bennett-style slice of ho-hum life, centered around a shy teenager's weekend job at a Wimpy Bar in Lewisham. No, this is a big, brassy, colourful, and American, kids' flick, adapted from the popular series of books by Jeff Kinney.

Zachary Gordon stars as Greg Heffley, a twelve-year-old who is thrown into the chaos of middle school. Being a little short in stature, and late to the puberty train, Greg is overwhelmed by his new surroundings, but comes up with various schemes to shoot to the top of the popularity ladder. Such an ambition, he finds, is a tricky one, as he comes up against a cast of quirky colleagues, and must contend with the unfathomable politics of school life.

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