Tuesday, 21 September 2010

[387] Blood Stone 007 Preview-Interview

To be totally honest, I'm still not convinced about Bizarre Creations' new James Bond game, Blood Stone. I even got to play a little of it, and I don't know what to expect. However, I love chatting with developers, and Peter Collier was great to talk to. So that's something! Read on, Macduff.

As you probably already know, this autumn Activision is readying two new James Bond games, which should effectively fill the gap left by the still-unconfirmed follow-up to Quantum Of Solace. On Wii, they’re rebooting the classic N64 shooter GoldenEye, while the other home consoles and PC are getting Blood Stone 007, an adventure-shooter-driving mash-up developed by Merseyside’s own Bizarre Creations.

In the posh penthouse of a Mayfair hotel, a legion of journos were treated to a short presentation and hands-on with both games. Regarding
Blood Stone, the broad strokes are still the same, as Ryan reported back in July.

The game is an original production, featuring a strong cast of voice talent (Daniel Craig, Judi Dench), a story penned by Bruce Feirstein (who we interviewed not too long ago), and other Bond touchstones such as a bombastic theme tune written by Dave Stewart and Joss Stone (who also stars as the game’s own Bond girl, Nicole Hunter).

The game harnesses action on a global scale, mixing up both over-the-shoulder and driving segments to best place the player in the shoes of Craig’s incarnation of the suave super-spy. The key terms at play in the creation of
Blood Stone, popping up throughout the mini-presentation and overheard during idle conversation, included ‘visceral’, ‘brutal’ and ‘physical’.

The developers took great delight in highlighting the game’s take-down system, with a plethora or grisly animations modelled by stuntman Ben Cooke. Players are rewarded for these stealthy take-downs with quick-fire Focus Aim shots. There’s plenty of cover and, despite in this case being mostly bereft of gadgets, Bond is equipped with a super-versatile smart phone, which reads the environment, and calls up information on what weapons guards are carrying and how aware they are that there’s a half-monk, half-hitman in their midst.

This all sounded a little bit like
Splinter Cell: Conviction, but then we were privy to an intense showdown between Bond and the big baddie on the side of a dam set deep in the Burmese jungle. Typically, the fight’s not very fair - Bond’s got his silenced pistol, and his nemesis is in an attack helicopter. That’s until you spot a crane...

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