Monday, 18 October 2010

[395] RED (2010) Review

I'm a modest Warren Ellis fan. While I'm happy to see him get his moment in the film-adaptation spotlight - and for him to get the cheque that comes along with it, the sentimental bastard - I'm a bit disappointed that he's been put through the Hollywood mincer. Let's hope this is just the beginning, and the promising opening of RED brings more attention to his work.

Friends, the time has come. Hollywood movie moguls have been fumbling around in the comic book intellectual property swag bag for some time, but it hasn't been until now that they have hit upon a thorny, nasty work from super-fungal mega-writer Warren Ellis. However, instead of adapting one his demented masterworks that perform anarchic castration on genre conventions, such as Transmetropolitan, The Authority or Planetary, the powers that be have smiled kindly on RED, his collaboration with Cully Hamner, which is an action caper with a twist.

The twist is probably what sold the producers (Mark Vahradian and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, two dudes behind
Transformers) on the idea. It's a pretty concise concept: RED stands for ‘Retired, Extremely Dangerous', and is a tag given to, as can be assumed, those that gather outside local post offices every Monday morning, clutching their pension book with the rest of them. Except these biddies and codgers are highly trained killing machines.

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