Wednesday, 27 October 2010

[398] Werewolves of Montpellier by Jason Review

I mentioned this review on the radio show a couple of weeks ago - and it's finally up! I'm starting to really like Jason; hopefully I'll be able to track down more of his books in the future.

By now, I've read three comic books by Jason, the relatively mysterious, mononymous cartoonist, and I still find it hard to properly describe his style. He is playful in tone, delicate in themes, yet distinct in approach and design. Not to simplify his work, but he often takes high concept genre narratives - time travel (I Killed Adolf Hitler), wrong man thrillers (Why Are You Doing This?) - and buries them in very human, ho-hum contexts, gently undercutting convention with dry humour.

He is without immediate peer, and perhaps the closest I can get to him is Jim Jarmusch, the indie film director who, in a more overtly arty sense, takes American film genres like the western (Dead Man), prison (Down By Law), and gangster movie (Ghost Dog), and refracts them through his deadpan stoner wit.

Werewolves Of Montpellier is Jason's (a Norwegian, who now lives in France) latest work. It comes emblazoned with a back cover quote from filmmaker John Landis, excitedly proclaiming it to be "another werewolf story to warm the cockles of your heart!" This is, no doubt, delivered with cocked eyebrow, or tongue placed in cheek, or voluminous beard split by a great big Landis grin, because Werewolves of Montpellier is anything but ‘another' lycanthropic story.

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