Tuesday, 18 January 2011

[428] Darren Aronofsky Interview

It wasn't until way after this interview had finished, that it hit me - I'd just interviewed one of my favourite directors. Requiem For A Dream was a huge influence on my teenage film consumption, and Pi is an all-time favourite. Black Swan was a highlight of the London Film Festival for me, so I'm glad it's finally out, so others can see it.

I kept my cool, though, and this roundtable interview is pretty good. Easily the best I've been a part of so far, probably because, beforehand, we were open about our various angles and questions, and what we wanted, so we didn't trip over each other too much. So I got to ask my questions about Method acting and directing, and others asked theirs. It gelled well.

I also like it, because it's a very specific kind of museum piece. We knew Aronofsky was set to direct The Wolverine, but even though we'd gently moved towards the topic, he wasn't telling us anything. That the official statement came a couple of weeks later, gives this a fascinating dimension, in my mind.

For others, though, the fascination comes from a minor comment about a project he might be making into a comic, or the potential for his Batman script to become a comic miniseries. Thanks to the dull nature of the written word, some geek sites have interpreted his statement in various ways - including JoBlo going so far as to take it as Aronofsky announcing his involvement in the fourth new-Batman movie. Bizarre.

Read it yourself, see what you think.

After months of waiting, Black Swan is finally here. And, in an odd quirk of interview scheduling and embargoing, we have this roundtable chat with director Darren Aronofsky, from back in October, when the dark, ballet-themed psychological horror screened at the London Film Festival. Back then, anticipation for the film was still building after its well-received premiere at Venice, and the film's American release, and the score of accolades that came at the end of 2010, was still some time off.

However, most curiously, it was Aronofsky's career that provided the most mystery for our assembled journos. See, a couple of days earlier, Hugh Jackman had confirmed Aronofsky's involvement in what is now titled
The Wolverine, although the project, which would see the director tackling both a major franchise and a Hollywood-sized budget for the first time, was still left unannounced by studio sources.

We were still a month away from Fox's official statement on the matter, but things seemed certain. Which left us puzzled when, after Aronofsky talked us through his career in financially-risky 'tough sell' movies, and his potential plans for making a 'safe bet' film in the future, he stopped conversation dead in its tracks when Wolverine was mentioned.

Thankfully, this derailing was only a minor issue, and before long we were in full flight, talking about the troubles marketing
Black Swan, the world of ballet on film, and the importance of Clint Mansell's score to the finished work.

That one upcoming project aside, Aronofsky proved an eloquent, opinionated, and wholly chatty interviewee, also letting us in on his future plans for the medium of comics, as well as giving us a pragmatic take on the 'Method' school of acting.

Read the full article here.

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