Friday, 4 February 2011

[436] Rabbit Hole (2010) Review

Only a little bit of grumbling this time, but not about the film for a change. Rabbit Hole, like Blue Valentine - and, for that matter, Never Let Me Go - definitely deserves more attention. Instead, it's been landed with a token gesture of a Best Actress nomination for Nicole Kidman at the Oscars, effectively burying all its other qualities.

Sadly, this has resulted in the film being rather undersold by the international distributors, with it going up this week against Best Picture contender The Fighter. Interestingly, Blue Valentine was released the week after big-hitters (and consistent earners) The King's Speech and 127 Hours, and Never Let Me Go finally comes out next week, alongside True Grit. Sure, this is great for discerning cinemagoers, with such high quality product wedged together in such a short amount of time, but in the battle for the attentions of general film fans, a rack of Oscar nominations goes a long way. Rabbit Hole doesn't stand a chance.

Unfortunately, Rabbit Hole is the kind of film that seems to get overlooked in the awards race. It is in the line of sharp, intelligent, and sincere character dramas that, in recent times, has been pigeon-holed, or simply ignored.

Think of
Rachel Getting Married, or this year's Blue Valentine, both of which are films that, when it came to the Academy Awards, were defined by a single performance (Anne Hathaway for the former, Michelle Williams for the latter), while the rest of the production, cast and crew were snubbed.

Rabbit Hole has been granted a similar fate, with Nicole Kidman receiving the brunt of the awards attention. It is highly unlikely that she'll win, due in part to the quality of the competition, but also due to the lack of the awards-bait triumvirate of prosthetics, reality and tragedy that helped her to walk away with an Oscar for
The Hours.

However, that this is the only recognition granted to
Rabbit Hole is puzzling, as it is a superbly nuanced, finely crafted drama.

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