Tuesday, 8 February 2011

[437] DC Universe Online Interview

I've still not had the chance to play DC Universe Online - and I doubt I ever will get around to it. I think that's something to do with me not being willing to pay monthly fees for a game up-front. However, it was great to chat with two of the chaps from SOE, and I made sure to throw in some interesting questions, asking about their team structure as a company (answer: no one takes days off), and what they think of hastily-written MMO reviews (answer: it pisses them off, but it's to be expected).

Sony Online Entertainment isn’t new to MMO games, having developed the massively-multiplayer behemoth EverQuest, and chipped in with licensed online titles like Star Wars Galaxies and The Matrix Online, but its new game, the recently released DC Universe Online, is a tantalizingly fresh prospect.

As well as bringing the incredibly rich, varied and voluminous DC canon to our computer screens, SOE has positioned
DC Universe Online as its entry into the console arena, with the game also appearing on the PS3. Fittingly, it’s a more action-oriented affair, evoking the likes of Crackdown or Prototype in its fast-paced combat and huge open-world spaces - where wannabe superheroes are given the chance to scale the dizzy heights of Gotham or Metropolis skyscrapers.

We were recently given the chance to chat with SOE’s Ryan Peters (Public Relations Specialist) and Tony Jones (Community Relations Manager), while they were on a whistle-stop European press tour. In this suitably massive interview, we talked about the process of developing
DC Universe Online, their approach to canon, and the input from comics industry veterans like Jim Lee, Marv Wolfman and Geoff Johns - as well as addressing two elephants in the room: Blizzard’s all-conquering World Of Warcraft, and the ongoing debates around whether MMOs, which require weeks of gameplay time to be truly experienced, can be fairly reviewed by video game critics.

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