Tuesday, 15 February 2011

[439] Greg Mottola Interview

Sure, I didn't like Paul much - and thankfully didn't have to review it - but I loved Adventureland, the previous film directed by Greg Mottola. So when I was asked to interview him, it was another case of dodging around the broader qualities of the film itself. So I asked him about music! And Easy Rider! And, you know what? It came out very well. It was rather a shame that we only had 6 minutes, as I could have chatted with this lovely gentleman for much longer. We were only getting started. Maybe next time.

This week, the sci-fi/comedy geek tease, Paul, beams onto our Earth-based cinema screens. In anticipation, Michael had the chance to chat with director Greg Mottola, whose previous work includes Superbad and DoG favourite, Adventureland.

Unfortunately, time was short, but Mottola gave us invaluable insight into the film's soundtrack, revealed his favourite pop culture references, and expounded on the enduring power of movie magic.

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