Tuesday, 15 February 2011

[440] Warren Ellis Interview

A fun interview, this one, despite it being a phoner. Warren Ellis!

Less than five minutes before my interview slot with writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Crooked Little Vein, Freakangels, among many others), the following Twitter update appeared, from the man himself: "slowly losing my mind doing phone interviews for the UK release of the RED DVD. poor journos."

I reassured myself with the fact that, as it was a phoner, there was little chance of Ellis, whose public persona is best described as 'cantankerous old sod', causing me any physical harm.

And, thankfully, even the emotional trauma was minimal.

Read on for the interview, which starts with
RED, the 'old folks with guns' action film starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, adapted from Ellis and Cully Hamner's comic book, and subsequently touches on Ellis' online doings, the communities he has cultivated, and his far-reaching influence...

Read the full article here.

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