Tuesday, 1 March 2011

[444] Fish Tail (A Tale About Fish)

As promised, here is Fish Tail, the short film I worked on with Edward Szekely, Simon Vickery and Edward Gosling, under the moniker 'A Bunch of Guys'.

Szekely called me up about a month ago, and said he was interested in shooting a short for Kino London's 'Open Mic Film Night'. He soon brought in Gosling and Vickery, and after one production meeting we had this plot - half a development of a drunken idea conceived in the Maple Leaf a week prior, and half a rip-off of Raymond Carver. Two house-mates, divided by not only their choice in food, but their ambitions for life. Cooking as a domestic context for a subtextual conversation. And so on.

I'm still trying to figure out what I actually did, in terms of a title. We were all hyphenates, really. Vickery and Gosling were the actors as well as the first-drafters, and Szekely did all of the technical stuff. I co-wrote the second draft, the heavily-revised version that is mostly intact in the final film. Then, on the day, I monkeyed around, talking about shots and line delivery, and afterwards pestered Szekely as he slowly developed Final Cut Claw in the editing process.

And there it is. A creative impulse satisfied. What do you think?

Next up? Well, maybe a comedy web series pilot, with Szekely again, but this time conceived and written by old chum Nicholas Moran. Stay tuned.

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