Wednesday, 23 March 2011

[448] Behind The Bytes: Twit-Tease

March has been quiet on the blogging front; this is mostly because of Behind The Bytes, the webseries that I have developed with Nick Moran and Edward Szekely. We've been working on the pilot, which should be online before the end of the month.

Behind The Bytes will peddle completely fictitious short documentaries, looking at the scandalous lives of video game characters. The pilot is about Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog: it is a tragic tale of companionship, obsession, and sprinting.

On Monday, we launched the series' Twitter feed.

We're going for a mix of the Drunk Hulk / Average Batman-style feed, providing 'in-world' gossip tweets about video game scandals, alongside teaser-y updates and series-related links. Today we posted the above, which came with the below image.

...of Clarissa Ankle (the hideously talented Samantha Baines), one of the three talking heads who act as our guides through the highs and lows of the gaming 'scene'.

The pilot is shaping up to be rather sharp. I'll post more when the episode comes out, but in the meantime, follow the Behind The Bytes Slander Feed™ to keep abreast of all news from the gaming rumour mill.

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