Wednesday, 6 April 2011

[453] Behind The Bytes #1 - Tails: Sonic's Shadow

The pilot episode for Behind The Bytes is now on Youtube. Watch it.

Somewhere in the middle of the production of 'Fish Tail', old chum Nick Moran got in touch, with his idea of adapting the 'Behind The Laughter' episode of The Simpsons for a video game context. I thought it was a great idea, and we got to work.

I think it came out very well, and I'm quite proud of it. Szekely's confidence as a filmmaker, technician and Final Cut wrangler (and his new equipment) really shows, and the superb Samantha Baines does a hell of a job as our port-soaked socialite, Clarissa Ankle. Me? Well, it's the first time I've acted since 2005. So be gentle.

We're hoping to do more of these, and have various plans for how to go about doing that, but would like to get as many pairs of eyes on this as possible, to gauge initial audience interest. So please, have a look, pass it around, follow us on Twitter, and give us your feedback.

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