Sunday, 17 April 2011

[459] Falling Skies Episode 1 Review

Here's the second (and final) part of my Kapow! Comic Con coverage. It's a TV review, of the first episode of Falling Skies, which was screened at the con. I don't watch much TV, so don't expect this to become a regular thing. (Although, judging by this episode, there's little chance anyway.)

One of the few exclusives on offer at the recent and surprisingly good Kapow! Comic Con (a round-up of which is currently featured in our Comics section) was the opening episode of Falling Skies, the new sci-fi television series, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, which will be heading to FX in July.

In what immediately casts the series in a very post-
Walking Dead light, Falling Skies deals with survival after apocalypse, only instead of the currently trendy zombies, we have the evergreen antagonist of alien invaders. Picking up several months after the near eradication of the human race, the remaining survivors are in hiding, maintaining a semblance of military-style order amongst ruined cities.

Noah Wyle leads as Tom Mason, a man who lost his wife and second son as part of the invasion. Now, he is second-in-command of a small survivor regiment, who are abandoning the city for a new, and hopefully safer, life in the countryside. His position of command comes with great responsibility, having to weigh up personal safety alongside that of his other two sons and the community as a whole.

While aiming for a collision of action-heavy science fiction, guerrilla grit and human drama,
Falling Skies confuses itself, pushing forward throughout this opening 42-minute salvo with a disregard for narrative pacing or stylistic coherence. By setting the action after the invasion, the viewer is thrust in medias res, but the stage is set awkwardly.

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