Sunday, 1 May 2011

[460] Attack The Block (2011) Review

Sci-Fi action with a British accent. Go see this.

Den of Geek's commenters never fail to surprise me. I thought I'd had my complement after the first, vaguely patronising comment about 'exciting' British cinema, but then this one cropped up:

'The Posters looked a bit B movie for my liking. Through the reviews look good. But sub 90 minutes it way to short to justify going to the cinema for really.'

Errors are in the original, but the sense comes through despite typos. Wow. A tight, stylish film of 87 minutes isn't long enough for a cinema trip? I can't say it's an angle I'd considered before, but I guess it's all part of the ongoing conflict between home cinemas and their theatrical forebears.

Let me clarify: Attack The Block is worth seeing in the cinema.

Don’t speak too soon, merely whisper it: British cinema might just be getting a little exciting. Following the release of Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, the feature film which took well-worn genre stylistics and confidently embedded them in a British context, we have Attack The Block, which performs a similar conceptual turnaround.

Written and directed by Joe Cornish - half of the Adam & Joe double act -
Attack The Block sees an alien invasion heading straight for London. However, if they were aiming for the seats of power, they must have shot a little short, as the extraterrestrials land in South London, specifically on a council estate, where they are met not by suspicious military types, or idealistic scientists, but the local wildlife: a gang of hooded youths.

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