Wednesday, 4 May 2011

[461] Behind The Bytes #2 - Zelda, Link & Navi: The Triforce of Anguish

Episode 2 of Behind The Bytes! It's all about The Legend of Zelda, one of my favourite gaming series. Watch it now!

Bit delayed, thanks to Easter and some other issues, but here it is. This time, we kept the runtime down, and tightened up the pacing. Also, Nick Moran let himself loose a little when it came to the plot. You can see where his mind slips, to the second. It's like North Korea all over again.

You can also see the new location for Jeff Tozai's talking head. Superb, corporate-level river view. And apparently even I look better this time around, according to the guys. I don't believe them.

I do like that t-shirt, though. Sadly, it's not mine.

I think we're improving. After the unprecedented promotional push of the last episode, we're hoping for lightning to strike twice, so we can keep going.

Until it does, please, pass on the link to fans of video games, Zelda, and completely silly video-lols. Any comments or feedback, too, are encouraged - leave them either on this post, or on the Youtube page. Enjoy!

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