Sunday, 22 May 2011

[467] X-Men: First Class 'spoiler-free verdict'

I'm currently neck-deep in the pre-release of X-Men: First Class. Later today, I'm interviewing writer-director Matthew Vaughn, and I saw the film on Friday. Yesterday afternoon, I found out that I - along with a couple of other 'bloggers' - could write-up my 'initial reactions' over at Den Of Geek.

However, I was warned only a couple of hours before the embargo, which resulted in frantic scribbling, and this slightly monstrous piece of work. It's not supposed to be a real 'review'; I've kept the spoilers out of it, and actual detail about the film to a minimum. It's just a hype-massaging overview, I guess? I tried to maintain my critical composure, though. Anyway, have a read, and enjoy!

X-Men: First Class has a tough job on its hands. After the surprisingly-positive critical and box office reception that greeted Thor, and its own confused, occasionally terrible marketing campaign, anticipation for the superhero prequel is understandably mixed. Its hopes lie with writer-director Matthew Vaughn, whose Kick-Ass was not only last year’s surprise cult smash, but also 2010’s best costumed-hero flick.

Kick-Ass showed that Vaughn (and co-writer Jane Goldman) knows how to deliver superhero thrills while still maintaining style, wit and a strong emotional core. And it is this mixture of strengths that he brings to X-Men: First Class, which consistently works on a number of narrative levels - be they origin story, period epic, super-powered action, thematic subtext or character drama.

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