Thursday, 26 May 2011

[468] Matthew Vaughn Interview

What did you do last weekend? I interviewed Matthew Vaughn! Then spent the majority of this week transcribing all 5000 words of it.

What a wonderful turnaround. After the hectic production and alarmingly terrible promotional campaign, it turns out that X-Men: First Class is actually rather good. It seems that handing the X-franchise over to Kick-Ass writer-director, Matthew Vaughn, was a good idea, as his revitalised, 60s-flavoured spin on the superhero series is a real treat.

We were lucky, along with a handful of the finest film sites in the UK, to have a chat with a generous, if slightly flu-ridden Vaughn, ahead of the film's release next week. Like his films, Vaughn takes no prisoners, but his experience as writer, director and producer has given him great authority when talking about industry trends and the creative process.

Over the course of forty-five minutes, we covered
X-Men: First Class from seemingly every angle, from the Cold War setting to the James Bond allusions, from the casting to the film's classic sense of style. And Vaughn was happy to go into detail about his aborted stint on X-Men: The Last Stand, his views on 3D, and his plans for potential X-Men and Kick-Ass sequels.

Read on, but beware, for there are spoilers, swearing and sledgehammer-strong opinions contained herein...

Read the full interview here.

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