Tuesday, 31 May 2011

[470] That's What I Am (2011) Review

In this film, a kid is bullied for being tall and ginger. Unsurprisingly, I didn't like it.

Newsflash: bullying is wrong, and the 1960s were a time of rosy-tinted wonder. If either of these seem revelatory, then That's What I Am may be for you. If not, don't bother.

Written and directed by Michael Pavone and produced by the WWE Studios production company,
That's What I Am isn't a wrestling spectacle. Instead, it's a dumb, blithely simple drama that is all moral and no content.

Andy (Chase Ellison) is a kid on the verge of teenhood who is assigned a collaborative piece of schoolwork with Big G (Alexander Walters), a loner who happens to be tall, supposedly ugly, and, horror of horrors, ginger. At first, Andy is anxious, as every social capital-conscious boy in an American school movie is, to be paired with such an unpopular classmate, but he soon develops a friendship with the guy. Heck, he even learns a couple of things along the way, in particular, that, while Big G and others may look different, act differently, and have different perspectives on the world, picking on them for such difference is bad. And there endeth the lesson.

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