Tuesday, 19 July 2011

[485] Behind The Bytes #3: Chris Redfield & Leon Kennedy

Hey, it's another episode of Behind The Bytes! This time, we offer...

...a chilling exposé of the men behind the evil. Chris Redfield, humble country boy turned man-monster vs. Leon Kennedy, blue-blood poster boy for the American Dream.

It's all about Resident Evil. Watch it.

Another episode, another t-shirt. Also a wildly unflattering preview picture. Well, it's not a patch on what Moran made me do for the gag reel. And by 'gag', I mean the reflex. There's a video somewhere, I'm sure it will eventually see the light of day.

Anyway... We're over the hump! Two episodes left, and then the thrilling expanse of pure potential. What next? Who knows.

Please watch, rate, venerate. Spread the word and the love, and you will receive my gratitude in return.

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