Thursday, 21 July 2011

[487] Beginners (2011) Review

Another review for Little White Lies! And, again, another film I didn't particularly like, which nonetheless is getting big, fat, rave reviews from people around the web. Am I going through a grouch-y period again? I guess I am.

Case in point: I saw 4 films last week, three of them will be getting 2 star reviews. If anyone finds my joie de vivre, please mail it to the address in the sidebar.

Despite hitting the age of 81, it seems that nothing is slowing down Christopher Plummer. He still manages to find bold, distinctive roles that dodge the stereotypical casting for old film folk, from voicing heartbroken grouch Charles Muntz in Pixar’s Up, to appearing in the title role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

However, while Beginners seems to be yet another showcase for the octogenarian – here starring as Hal, a widower who, in his final years, admits to his family that he’s gay – it is in fact surprisingly slippery, and somewhat disappointing.

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