Wednesday, 24 August 2011

[495] Behind The Bytes #5: Yoshi & The Death of Birdo

Brace yourselves...

Episode 5: The Behind The Bytes Special. With Birdo dead and the gaming world in disarray, the intrepid news hounds at BTB tackle their greatest scandal yet: a thrilling mystery which takes them straight to the murky heart of Nintendo. Stones will be turned. Preconceptions will be blown. And cakes will be baked.

This was an ambitious episode, a finale in which we break all of the rules that we'd slowly built around the Bytes format. Exteriors, dialogue, locations, night-time shoots, handheld shots with movement. It was exhausting, but showed that we could do something very different. I think it works. It's certainly rather bonkers. Anyway, have a watch.

And that's our miniseries. 5 episodes in 5 months, and we're just about to break 70,000 hits on Youtube. That's quite encouraging! Don't worry, we're not giving up completely. BytesCorp will return, in a slightly different form, in October. Developments are ahead, I assure you.

But let's not consign Bytes to the scrapheap of memory just yet. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the finale.

First up, Nick & Ed standing on the balcony of Tozai Towers, East London. What a view.

And Ed, in Tozai's alt-costume, being a little bit Ozu with our low-angled shooting.

A rare view of Nick, on location at the Royal Exchange (an on-the-day change of location, as it was more convenient and less crowded than the Bank of England, which was in the script).

Still at the Royal Exchange, with Ed shooting the establishing shot, just before handing over the camerawork reins to me and filling the role of Jeff Tozai: Font of Information.

Unfortunately, I don't have any shots from our night-time shoot at the Barbican, but that's probably because that evening was filled with tension, as we kept throwing sandwiches into the lake, constantly looking over our shoulders at the one lone security guard ambling around the complex. When we started this, I wouldn't have guessed that we'd go out like that. It's certainly a way to go out, though.

Thanks for all the comments and support so far. We'll be back soon with more BytesCorp frivolity!

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