Monday, 29 August 2011

[497] Kill List (2011) Review

Last year, I was really taken by Down Terrace, a film directed by Ben Wheatley - who, it turned out, is a friend of Nerdgasm team leader and London Loves Comics blogger Dom Sutton. So, of course, I was pretty excited to see his new film, Kill List. And, damn, was it surprising.

Note: Kill List is a film that works wonderfully with its surprises left intact. The following review doesn’t delve too deeply into spoiler territory, but if you prefer to experience the film unspoiled, then we recommend you just go and see it.

Just over a year ago, we here at Den of Geek were taken completely by surprise by Down Terrace, a low-budget, domestic crime drama directed, co-edited and co-written by Ben Wheatley.

With its understated charm, and disarming sense of humour, the film stood out among the dreary drama and urban grime that clog up the British film industry - although, unfortunately, it didn’t get half the attention it deserved. Thankfully, this is being rectified for Wheatley’s follow-up, the surreal thriller-horror mish-mash Kill List.

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