Tuesday, 13 September 2011

[503] Artificial Intelligence, Episode One

The second episode of Artificial Intelligence is here! It's Episode One! Here's a blurb:

Welcome to the first official episode of Artificial Intelligence, a new fortnightly conversation about the growing relationship between the developing world of videogames, media, and culture. Matthew Burt, Joseph Ewens, and Michael Leader have been slaving away over a hot recording studio to bring you this finely cooked chunk of video game discussion.
This week they disentangle the increasingly symbiotic relationship between development studios and the communities that blossom around their games. Become a member of the AIPod community by firing your thoughts into the comment box below or sending us an email at intelligents@aipodcast.co.uk.

Go and listen. And here is a picture of where we record this seriously intellectual gaming podcast.


Mysterious, isn't it?

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