Monday, 19 September 2011

[506] Adventures in Comics: Orbital Self-Portrait Exhibition

Comics! Remember them? I sure do. It's been a little two-dimensional over here of late (Bytes-work and diss-work), but I still made the effort to go and check out the latest in a long line of ace exhibitions at Orbital Comics.

This time out, it's a bunch of self portraits from some of the UK's brightest comics stars. And what a lovely selection it is!

Filmish creator Edward Ross; and Ink+Paper editor David O'Connell (is that an... ostrich?)

Mancunian Master-comicker Adam Cadwell (who's always got his eye on you)

Timothy Winchester (+ some People He Knows)

It's another marvellous little exhibition from Orbital. What's surprising is how the bevvy of artists subvert the form of the portrait, breaking out of the imposed framing of yesteryear and really letting their personalities flow onto the page. Key examples range from Mark Stafford, who splashes his mug over a fake magazine cover, to Paul Rainey, who gives us a slice of middle-aged life (with a little touch of TMI...). Other ace contributions that I didn't photograph (or didn't photograph well) include Philippa Rice, Luke Pearson, Ellen Lindner (whose piece you can see here), Joe Decie and Tom Humberstone.

If you find yourself around Leicester Square, then make sure you check it out. The exhibition runs until the 15th of October, and you can read more about it here.

Edit: Artist and mega-blogger Sarah McIntyre beat me to the punch, not only by posting about this launch a full two hours before I did, but by snapping some awesome pictures of the artists alongside their portraits. Go and have a look.

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