Tuesday, 1 November 2011

[516] Eight Unfortunate Evangelion Toys Seen At The MCM Expo

Expect a proper MCM report in the coming days, but here are some photographic findings from the Expo. Of course, the cosplay gets all of the attention, but it's the anime memorabilia that crops up at a show like MCM that never fails to baffle me. Here's a selection of toys I found from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion - mostly of the distant, ethereal character Rei, but there were some of the feisty redhead Asuka.

Evangelion is, at its heart, a humanist drama, which explores father-son relationships and notions of identity and responsibility, played out against the backdrop of Earth being invaded by pseudo-Biblical beings that can only be defeated by giant robots piloted by teenagers. There's a purity to its themes, and a real creative ambition behind it. The toys, however, are a different story. They're pure, unadulterated, mildly distressing fan service.

Rei at the beach, sporting a cute little totebag, and cheekily playing with the bow on her bikini.

Rei at the pool, no doubt just after collecting silver in the 100m Butterfly race.

Remember to have a good shower after swimming - we wouldn't want to get dry skin, would we?

This is not just 'Pajamas Time', this is 'EXTRA Pajamas Time', where our heroine sprawls on the bed, blouse open, as if she's deep in a coma.

How about some 'Private Time'? After a long day battling intergalactic super-beings and engaging in mild melodrama, how best to relax than to put on your favourite pink apron and slippers, and assume awkward poses with a ladel?

...or maybe lean on a fence post somewhere?

Or dress up as coquettish little maids? It's all for fun, mind you, because these characters are 14, after all!

On one hand, this is fascinating - part of a multimedia merchandising empire which also includes a GT Racing Team and hotel rooms. But on the other hand... boy, is it disturbing. I'm off to find a way to give my soul a good, deep clean.

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natalie said...

i just would like to ask if Rei in here is only one. As i observe they have the same hair style but has different cloth. I would like to brought this at PIJ to be included in my evangelion collection