Monday, 14 November 2011

[519] Adventures in Comics: Ink+PAPER

Exciting news! The first volume of Ink+PAPER, a 'comics and creativity' anthology edited by David O'Connell, has finally been released! And it looks a little like this...

It's a beautiful little volume; full colour and almost pocket-sized, it's perfect for some gentle reading in the long Winter evenings. The opening two thirds are given over to comics, while the back matter is full of wordier pieces, such as recipes, features and mini-essays.

The list of contributors is really quite stellar, and with top-notch offerings from the likes of, among others, Joe Decie, Dan BerryHugh Raine and Timothy Winchester (whose rather inspirational little comic about overcoming moodiness is pictured above).

The back section is just as exciting, especially Ellen Lindner's informative feature on the 'bubble tea' trend, Philippa Rice's recipe for My Cardboard Life character Cardboard Colin's Ginger Cake, and Jess Bradley's super-colourful 'Travel Musings From Tokyo'. I absolutely love Jess Bradley's stuff, and her work plays to a lot of my obsessions. That should explain why most of my notebooks are adorned with her stickers (check out Lum 'n Link, the latest additions to my family of jotters, here). Look out for her at MCM or Thought Bubble, she's ace.

And to cap it all off, there's an article of mine in there! It's a mini-essay on the whole Frederick Parkes Weber project, titled 'A Life In Artefacts, or Dr F. Parkes Weber and the 50p hardback from Birmingham'. It was fun condensing all of the themes, details and side-glances into a short-form piece of somewhat-creative journalism, even if the deadline did clash with the dissertension debacle. On the whole, I'm proud of it. Plus, it looks fab, thanks to David's design and illustration work.

Ink+PAPER can be ordered online from their website, or can be bought in person at Thought Bubble this coming weekend. Speaking of which, I'll be attending Thought Bubble this year, but more on that later.

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