Tuesday, 29 November 2011

[522] VIGIDEN, Coming Oh-So-Soon

Monday night, Free Trade Wharf. Shooting Samantha Baines, aka Clarissa Ankle, for an upcoming VIGIDEN sketch.

Phew. Hello, there! Apologies for the radio silence on the BytesCorp-front. You see, we three Bytes-buddies have been beavering away for the last few months on VIGIDEN, our follow-up to the Behind The Bytes miniseries which appeared online over summer. Whereas BTB was a mockumentary series with each episode looking at the scandalous lives of various video game characters, VIGIDEN is different beast - it's a full-blown news network! Specifically, it's the Video Games Digital News Network. Or, at least, I think it is. Who cares? It's an ace acronym!

VIGIDEN will be sketch-based, featuring many set-ups and characters inspired by the 'news channel' format. Expect breaking news reports, interviews and special features from the video game industry. What's Luigi up to? Who's Kirby eating? What's the weather like in Hyrule? If such questions keep you awake at night, worry no longer. We're on the case.

That's the ambition, anyway. We're currently polishing up our punchy pilot package, which contains five sketches, each showcasing a different wing of the VIGIDEN empire. For the last month, we've been shooting and editing, sprucing up our 3D studio and getting to grips with green-screen filmmaking. In short, turning this...

Into something like this.

Looks nice, right? Oh, by the way, that's Nick Moran, VIGIDEN's hard-nosed anchorman. Expect to see more of him - and the rest of the VIGIDEN correspondents - once the series gets under way. For now, sit tight, and we'll give you more teaser-y breadcrumbs soon. In the meantime, we'd better finish off these edits!

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