Wednesday, 4 January 2012

[528] Artificial Intelligence Episode Two: The Difficult Second Podcast

Here it is, another episode of the Artificial Intelligence podcast! Once more I venture into the cosy recording studio under Kingsland Road to chat with resident intelligent gamers Joe Ewens and Mat Burt. This time: difficulty in games. Warning: contains many confessions concerning our lack of gaming skill.

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Hark! Just in time for Christmas, your trio of intrepid Intelligents are back to brave the wintery climbs of the Mount Video Games. The climb will be difficult, but never fear – it just so happens to be the theme of this week’s show.

Michael Leader, Joseph Ewens, and Matthew Burt dust off their monocles and set about dissecting the problem of difficulty in video games. What happens when difficulty and narrative collide? Are indie developers the new wardens of challenge? Will Mat and Mike like their Christmas presents?

Put on your most difficult trousers, press play, and we shall find out together.

Read more about the Artificial Intelligence podcast here.

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