Thursday, 12 January 2012

[529] Ideastap Spa Video and Workshop

So far, January's been rather busy, especially where BytesCorp is concerned. Over the last few weeks, Nick and I have been working with Ideastap on a video showcasing their Spa programme of workshops, Q&As and member events. We were provided with some chirpy, enthusiastic talking head footage, and proceeded to shoot extra workshop footage, cook up some motion graphics, and roll the results together into a slick little video.

This time out, I handled the editing, music and general shape of the video, while Nick pored over the (super-sexy) graphics in After Effects and Motion. Then we came together for the grade and final tweaks.

I think it worked out rather well. Here's the finished product.


I think it came out quite well, and it seems like Ideastap are pleased. So pleased, in fact, that they've asked the BytesBoys to host a workshop at the end of this month, titled 'Filmmaking on a Shoestring'. I suppose that's what we've been doing for quite some time now, so we should have some kernels of wisdom to pass on to aspiring video producers. Let's hope, anyway! Here's some info. 


You can read more at their website here. The workshop is on the 31st, from 4pm. Come along!

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