Tuesday, 17 January 2012

[531] Tom Hiddleston Interview

Interviews can be so much fun. This is one of my favourites, and this comment captures why:

Just when you thought Hiddleston couldn't get more awesome, he enthuses about The Odyssey for, like a page.

What a charming chap. He looks good in uniform, too.

Before we'd even sat down to chat with Tom Hiddleston, he had us pegged. As soon as he heard the words ‘Den of Geek’, he beamed and joked, “I'm armed. I have so many filters. No spoilers here!”

Well, wouldn't you, faced with one of the stars of the upcoming Marvel supergroup blockbuster The Avengers, squeeze in at least one question?

It turns out that Hiddleston was more than happy to chat about the preparation for The Avengers, and the subtle changes made to his character, Loki, under Joss Whedon's direction. However, there were plenty of other things to chat about, not least Hiddleston's rather rapid rise to fame over the last eighteen months, and his current peak, working with Steven Spielberg on his equine epic War Horse.

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