Thursday, 19 January 2012

[532] Five Things You Need To Know About VIGIDEN

We've been talking about VIGIDEN for quite some time, and I've just realised that there must be a bunch of questions left unanswered. We at BytesCorp believe in transparency - so, dear viewers, do not fear! Below, we address some of the most burning queries about our forthcoming sketch comedy series. Read on!

- What does VIGIDEN stand for?

...We’re not entirely sure. We’ve been talking about this video game news sketch show for quite some time (way back in episode 3 of Behind The Bytes, in fact), and VIGIDEN is an acronym that felt right, even though we hadn’t figured out what it exactly meant. I decided to ask the BytesBoys, Nick Moran and Ed Szekely...

NM: Video Game Digitainment Information News Network...? Maybe there should be two N's, but then it would be VIGIDEEN if you go by rules of Latinate poetic meter. Actually, that’s not right... Oh, I don't know!

ES: Video Game International Digital Entertainment Network. I'm quite comfortable with that.

NM: I don't think that's canon!

So there you go. We don’t know! (Although, if pushed, I think I’ll side with Ed.)

And, what do we stand for? Truth, justice, and the VIGIDEN way. Well, depends on your definition of ‘truth’. And ‘justice’. How about... confident, incisive coverage of an entirely fictitious spin on the gaming industry? Unbound by notions of ‘reality’, ‘coherence’ and ‘sanity’?

- What does VIGIDEN cover?

Everything. It’s a full scale news/entertainment network! We have scoops, analysis and exclusive interviews from all over the video game map. Expect insight from your favourite - and not-so-favourite - video game personalities, all processed through the VIGIDEN blender.

But that’s not all. While we’re newshounds at heart, VIGIDEN is not confined to the newsroom. From lifestyle content to topical discussion, we’ll be filling out your well-rounded diet of FACTUAL(ish) PROGRAMMING.

- Is Chad Makepeace dead?


VIGIDEN runs on from Behind The Bytes. In fact, Behind The Bytes is buried somewhere deep in the VIGIDEN programme slate. (I think they want to forget the whole ‘five episodes, three corpses, and twenty lawsuits’ debacle.)

That means that, amongst other things, Jeff Tozai and Clarissa Ankle are still around. (Don’t worry, Andreas got his just desserts in the end) It also means that Chad Makepeace is very, very dead.

Luckily, though, we dug around in the VIGIDEN archives, and found tapes of his groundbreaking late-night talk show Deathmatch Discourse, with opinions-for-hire Emma Scott and Victoria Bandopadhyay (played by Jennifer Pick and Lucy McCormick, both from GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN).

- Wait... Will VIGIDEN be on Screwattack?

Oh, yeah. We’re back with Screwattack.

They’ve just gone through a major overhaul of their site, and they’re set to take 2012 by storm. We’re mega-excited to be full-on partners this time around.

Imagine our excitement when VIGIDEN was announced at MAGfest last weekend, by Stuttering Craig himself! Check the recent episode of Sidescrollers here, around 44 minutes in.

- When are you launching, anyway?

February 2nd! On Screwattack! Get excited!

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